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Crossrail joint venture fined £1m for safety breaches including death of worker, Renè Tkáčik

Renè Tkáčik died after being crushed by falling wet concrete on 7 March 2014. Terence ‘Ian’ Hughes and Alex Vizitiu were also injured within six days of …

Farm Safety Week Day 4: Staying safe with Livestock

Farm Safety Week is today (Thursday) challenging the sector to think about improving livestock handling systems and making them safer and more efficient…

Icon Process Systems Ltd in court after worker fell 3.5m from water treatment tank

The Icon Process Systems Ltd employee sustained bruising to the brain and broke his wrist in several places after falling from an unsecured ladder leaning..

LKAB Minerals (Richmond) Ltd fined after worker lost fingers when a gate fell onto his hand

Two LKAB Minerals workers were attempting repairs to a gate weighing over 400kg and using a forklift. A four leg lifting chain that was too long slipped …

Farm Safety Week 2017 Day 3 – Hard-hitting farm safety stories

Transporting and stacking large hay bales has, in recent years, resulted in numerous injuries to and deaths of operators of the machinery or people nearby..

Three companies fined over £1m after workers exposed to asbestos during refurbishment at school in Waltham Forest

A HSE investigation found that although an asbestos survey was completed at the school, there were multiple caveats and disclaimers which were not checked..

Train Safe Campaign 2017 set to give tradesmen complimentary asbestos awareness training

UKATA announces the start of its annual Train Safe, Work Safe, Keep Safe Campaign designed to keep small businesses and sole traders safe from asbestos…

Farm Safety Week 2017: Danger in the driving seat

NFU Vice-president and chairman of the Farm Safety Partnership, Guy Smith says: “…40% of all farm workers who have lost their lives in agriculture over the past decade were workplace machinery-transport related…

Day 2 of Farm Safety Week 2017 – Putting Safety in the Driving Seat

Tuesday of Farm Safety Week focuses on machinery & transport – Poorly used or faulty vehicles and machinery are a major cause of death and injury on farms ..

Farm Safety Week 2017: Why we MUST improve safety

The latest statistics from the HSE show agriculture still suffers from the highest rate of workplace fatal injury of any industry sector in Great Britain …