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BSIF strengthens RSSS Scheme in bid to combat non-compliant & non-performing PPE

The BSIF is determined to eradicate non- performing, non-compliant PPE from the UK market and give users the standard of product they should expect…

RoSPA: Road Safety

Nick Lloyd, Road Safety Manager at RoSPA spoke to HSE International: “We all use roads in some way and we depend on them to obtain goods and services…

MRS Training & Rescue: Safe Work in Confined Spaces

When work must definitely be carried out in a confined space, a safe system of work which identifies hazards, risks and control measures must be created…

A political postcard from the BSIF

“Our political engagement programme is dedicated to highlighting that good safety and health is good for business and striving to change public opinion…”

Health and safety is not an Achilles heel

We’ve all heard stories of schools banning conker fights, sack races, and not giving out pins with poppies for Remembrance Sunday…

Considerate Constructors Scheme seeks new Board Directors

The Scheme is seeking new Board members; specifically those with expertise in marketing and communications, finance, commercial contracts and outsourcing…

Changing the landscape of the fire safety industry

We are the Fire Industry Association (FIA), and our story begins 100 years ago. Imagine life then – fire protection and health and safety were…

IOSH: A blueprint for the future of OSH competence

Occupational safety and health (OSH) professionals have been given a first glimpse of a new global model for defining competency in OSH.

Sexual harassment at work ‘no relic of past’

New survey finds that shockingly, more than half (52%) of all women polled have been subject to various forms of sexual harassment at work.

RPE: Does it really protect?

Alan Murray, CEO (BSIF) discusses current issues surrounding ill-fitting RPE and explains how the Fit2Fit scheme reduces the problem.

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