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Tata Steel fined £1m after uncontrolled release of toxic substances

In June 2011, a large quantity of toxic Benzole was released at a Tata Steel site in Scunthorpe. Appropriate safety measures had not been taken to prevent ..

Company pleads guilty to breaching CDM regulations after scaffold collapse

The collapse narrowly avoided an office worker but resulting in serious damage to parked cars. Swanage and Dorset Scaffolding and Roofing Limited pleaded …

Alarm equipment manufacturer fined after worker suffers flash burns

The Pyronix Limited worker suffered flash burns when the flammable coating, used to provide humidity protection to Printed Circuit Boards, ignited …

Ilfracombe landlord Allan King sentenced after endangering tenants with unsafe gaswork

In September 2016, Allan King replaced a boiler at his rented property despite have no training in gas work and not being registered with Gas Safe Register

Soft toy stuffing company sentenced after worker’s hand was amputated

The Stuffing Plant Ltd (TSP) of Whitelea Grove Industrial Estate, Mexborough, pleaded guilty to breaching Section 2 (1) of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 …

Crossrail joint venture fined £1m for safety breaches including death of worker, Renè Tkáčik

Renè Tkáčik died after being crushed by falling wet concrete on 7 March 2014. Terence ‘Ian’ Hughes and Alex Vizitiu were also injured within six days of …

Mike Neesam & Son Ltd prosecuted after Hall Hill Farm wall collapse led to the death builder Steven Ratcliffe

Steven Brian Radcliffe, employee of Mike Neesam & Son, had been working on a refurbishment project on Hall Hill Farm, County Durham, when he was struck…

Icon Process Systems Ltd in court after worker fell 3.5m from water treatment tank

The Icon Process Systems Ltd employee sustained bruising to the brain and broke his wrist in several places after falling from an unsecured ladder leaning..

LKAB Minerals (Richmond) Ltd fined after worker lost fingers when a gate fell onto his hand

Two LKAB Minerals workers were attempting repairs to a gate weighing over 400kg and using a forklift. A four leg lifting chain that was too long slipped …

Three companies fined over £1m after workers exposed to asbestos during refurbishment at school in Waltham Forest

A HSE investigation found that although an asbestos survey was completed at the school, there were multiple caveats and disclaimers which were not checked..