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ECA: ‘Electrical accidents continue to fall’ by Paul Reeve CFIOSH

The fall in accident rate is the result of an industry-wide effort from member companies and their employees, and the ECA and Unite, notably through the now-completed ‘ZAP’ initiative …

RAIB investigation into fatal tram accident near Sandilands Junction, Croydon, continues

The Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) releases update on the investigation into fatal tram accident that killed seven on 9 November 2016 …

Farm Safety Week 2017 – “Working safely with livestock involves much more than being careful…”

Farm Safety Week Day 4: Anglesey farmer Wyn Jones tells his story of how one minor ‘lapse’ of judgement left him with a broken back and an injured shoulder

Farm Safety Week 2017 Day 3 – Hard-hitting farm safety stories

Transporting and stacking large hay bales has, in recent years, resulted in numerous injuries to and deaths of operators of the machinery or people nearby..

Farm Safety Week 2017: Danger in the driving seat

NFU Vice-president and chairman of the Farm Safety Partnership, Guy Smith says: “…40% of all farm workers who have lost their lives in agriculture over the past decade were workplace machinery-transport related…

Farm Safety Week 2017 – Pub Landlord Al Murray calls time on risk taking

Comedian Al Murray discusses the importance of Farm Safety Week (24-28 July 2017) and describes witnessing a serious machinery accident when he was just 12

Dale Pike sentenced to prison following death of Gareth Pugh at Peterstone Lakes Golf Club

‘Boss Golf Balls’ founder Dale Pike was sentenced to prison after employee Gareth Pugh drowned while diving to collect golf balls at Peterstone Lakes Golf..

Lancashire firm in court after worker fractured ankle when machine toppled over and crushed his leg

Lancashire based company, Spectral Colours Limited (SCL), pleaded guilty of breaching health and safety regulations, was fined £3000 and was ordered to…

Family Safety Week: Accidents are the biggest killer of children, charity warns

Families are being encouraged to help prevent unnecessary accidents to babies, toddlers and children under five, as RoSPA launches Family Safety Week 2017..

Health and safety inspectors cut by 25%

Figures obtained by Unite, via a Freedom of Information request, reveal that since 2010 there has been a 25 per cent reduction in the number of Health and Safety Executive (HSE) inspectors…

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